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MultiVersus Local Play Free For All 3 Player

MultiVersus is here and it’s free-to-play! It has many different game modes to try out, one being able to play local multiplayer so you can battle it out against your friends. But one question is, can you play free for all with just 3 players or even 2 players?

MultiVersus is a game that we were keeping our eye on for a while as it looked very promising. And now the game is released it has given us what we thought it would and keeps up with our expectations.

But one thing that we are a little disappointed with MultiVersus is the fact that you can only play free for all with 4 players you cannot play with just 3 players, which we did not really expect would be the case.

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Can you play 3 players only in MultiVersus free for all local?

Selecting free for all game mode in local play MultiVersus

Unfortunately, you cannot play 3 players only in local play in MultiVersus on any platform. As we mentioned above this is currently not available at the time of writing this guide. But we sure hope it will be added later down the line in a future update.

As you can see in the below screenshot, we have added 3 players to free for all local play, but you will receive a warning saying “Not enough players” and you will need another friend with a controller to join.

MultiVersus free for all with 3 players and not enough players warning

If you are wondering if it’s possible to add a bot to make up for the fourth player in local play free for all, then unfortunately again the answer is also no, you cannot play with bots in local play in MultiVersus.

We hope the above has answered your question about playing free for all in MultiVerus and that you must have four players with four controllers. We know it’s probably not the answer you were hoping for and for now, all we can do is hope being able to play 3 players in MutilVersus local play becomes a thing in the near future!

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