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How to reset PS3 controller.

Are you having connection problems with your PS3 controller? Resetting the PS3 controller can help resolve many issues such as not being able to connect the controller to your PlayStation 3, the PS3 controller flashing red, or having blinking lights.

So I have put together this guide to show you just how you can reset your PS3 controller, by giving it a factory reset. This means the controller will be like you have just brought it from the shop. So you will need to pair it back up with your PlayStation 3 using the USB cable afterward.

I know it sounds a little scary resetting your PlayStation 3 controller, but it’s not at all. It is actually easy enough to do, and it will not delete or remove any data or saved game files from your console. But you will however need a small pin or clip for the reset button.

Why won’t my PS3 controller connect?

There can be a few reasons why you cannot connect your PS3 controller to your console.

It could be that there is something in the way that is causing disruption and blocking the Bluetooth connection or it’s currently connected to another device or PlayStation and you need to sync it to your console.

It could also be that your controller has encountered an issue and you need to factory reset the controller, as I show below.

How to reset PlayStation 3 controller easily

Below are the steps to reset a wireless PS3 controller back to its factory default.

1. First, grab your PS3 controller and make sure it’s turned off

2. Now turn your controller over

3. Then grab a small pin or clip like the one shown in the image below

4. Push the clip/pin into the reset hole for about 10 seconds

5. If you are struggling to find the reset button for your PS3 controller, I have added a red arrow below pointing to the location of it

I hope the above guide has helped you reset your PS3 controller back to its original default state, and it’s resolved the issues that you were having with your controller.

Did you know that you can also easily reset your PS4 controller or reset your PS5 controller in the same way?

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