Fastest Way To Show Your Desktop In Windows 10

Quick Ways To Access Windows 10 Desktop On PC Or Laptop

If you are anything like us sometimes you have so many programs, apps, and File Explorers open that if you were to minimize each window, it would take a little while to close them all down to get back to your Desktop.

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So instead of having to minimize each window, there is in fact a faster way to show your Desktop with either one click of the mouse or pressing two buttons on your keyboard!

How To Show Your Desktop Fast In Windows 10:

Method one:

  • The first fastest way to display your Windows 10 desktop is to click in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen on the little button on your taskbar

Method two:

  • The second fastest way to display your Windows 10 desktop is to hold down the “Windows key + D” on your keyboard

There you have it those are the two fastest ways you can show your Windows 10 desktop and they really do come in handy especially if you have a few different windows open at once. It just makes life a lot easier.

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