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Outriders Not Starting On Windows 10 PC

If you are having issues with Outriders not starting or launching on your PC or laptop, then there a couple of things you can do which will hopefully resolve the problem.

The methods below will work for launching Outriders using the Epic Games Launcher and Steam.

Before attempting the below methods the first thing you need to ensure is that your system has the correct hardware specs that the game requires to play. You can view the Outrider system requirements here.

How To Fix Outriders Wont Launch:

1. Make sure you have the latest Windows 10 updates installed – If you don`t have the latest updates installed this could be the reason why Outriders is struggling to start:

  • Right-click on the Windows start menu icon > Settings > Update & Security then click “Check for Updates” > If any updates are found then click install

2. Install the latest drivers for your graphics card – NVIDIA has just launched a new game-ready driver for Outriders so if you have an NVIDIA graphics card make sure you have the latest version installed or newer:

  • You can find out how to install the latest NVIDIA video drivers here)

3. Make sure you have the latest update installed for Outriders

4. Close all background programs – Close Web Browsers, music players, and also programs that capture hardware monitoring such as Rivatuner. Also recording programs like OBS Studio

5. Make sure all users are signed out of Windows 10 except for the user you are trying to start Outriders in:

  • Right click taskbar > Task manager > Click Users tab > Right-click User and click Sign Off > Click Sign out user

6. Run Outriders as an administrator:

  • Right-click the Outriders shortcut > Properties > Compatibility > Tick the box for “Run this program as an administrator” > Press Apply then click Ok

7. Try temporarily disabling your security software – This could be stopping Outriders from launching. If Outriders does then launch you will need to add Outriders to the exception list in your security software (Just remember while your security is disabled you will not be protected from threats)

8. Sign out of Steam or Epic Games and then sign back in again – Sounds simple but sometimes it can fix the issue

9. Make sure you are connected to the internet – Again it sounds simple but can be an easy one to miss

10. If you are trying to play Outriders on PC then instead of launching the game through Steam or the Epic Games Launcher open it up directly from the outriders.exe – You will need to have the platform you purchased the game from running in the background to do this

After doing the above steps if you are still unable to start Outriders on your PC or Laptop then you might need to reinstall the game as one of the game files might have become corrupted when downloading and installing the game.

If you are having disconnection or sign in issues with Outriders, then check out this post here.

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