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Fix Outriders Crashing, Freezing, or Errors On PC

With outriders only coming out a couple of days ago now crashes, errors and other problems are now being encountered which were not picked up during the development of the game. This is perfectly normal as every PC or laptop system is different.

The below methods will hopefully resolve the problems you are having with outriders on your PC or laptop.

These issues could be; Outriders keeps crashing, freezing, textures not loading correctly, or you might get an error message.

Just keep in mind that not all problems could be your system and could actually be caused by issues with the game. These issues are out of your control so you might need to wait for an update.

How To Fix Outriders Crashes, Freezing Or Other Problems:

1. The first and most important is to make sure Windows 10 is up to date – If you have some updates available install them then try and launch Outriders:

  • Right-click Windows start menu icon > Settings > Update & Security > Click on Check for updates

2. Make sure all your hardware drivers are up to date – This includes Mouse, Keyboard, and Bios (Just be careful when updating your BIOS as if it goes wrong you could permanently damage your system)

  • You can download the latest hardware drivers from the manufacturer’s site of your hardware
  • You can also use Device Manager to see if your Windows 10 system is using the latest recommended drivers. Right-click Windows start menu icon > Device Manager >Expand Device Category > Then right-click on the device and click “Update driver”

3. Check if there are any updates available for Outriders and also make sure you have the latest version of Steam or Epic Games Launcher

4. Make sure you have the latest graphics card drivers installed – This is extremely important as if you don’t have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card then you could encounter all sorts of issues like crashing, freezing, frame drop, and also textures not loading

5. Run outriders as an administrator – This can help resolve a few errors with the game

  • Right-click on the Outriders shortcut > Select Properties > Click on the Compatibility tab > Tick the box that says Run this program as an Administrator >Click on Apply and press OK

6. Check your system is not overheating – If your graphics card or processor is overheating then Outriders will crash and your system might also bluescreen, so you will need to figure out the cause of the overheating problem

7. Temporarily turn off any security software – This could be causing Outriders not being able to run properly making it crash or error (Remember that your computer will be vulnerable while your security software is disabled)

8. Turn Off or On Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling – This setting within Windows 10 is a tricky one as having it on can help improve performance making games run smoother but can also cause problems, so you will need to try it on and off and see if it makes a difference to Outriders:

  • Type Graphics in the Windows start menu > Open Graphics settings > Toggle Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling to ON or OFF (if you do not see this option then unfortunately your graphics card does not support it)

9. Close down any background apps that are running – For example web browsers, music players, screen recorders, and even hardware monitors, as these can impact Outriders causing it to crash or freeze

10. Try and be connected directly to your router – As Outriders requires an internet connection at all times to play and if you get disconnected then your game will crash and close

Outriders is an extremely fun game and we cant wait to see what the developers bring to the game later on and we hope that the above methods help you resolve the problems you are having with the game.

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