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Adding Mods To CSGO In Steam On PC

There is a huge modding community for CSGO which is great news for us, as this means if you are slightly bored of playing the same maps, game modes, weapons, etc then you can explore a huge list of mods.

These mods will let you play new maps, different game modes, different weapons, etc, and add a whole new level of fun to CSGO. In this post, we will be showing you how you can get started in downloading and installing mods to your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game on your Windows PC or laptop.

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Installing Mods To CSGO On PC:

Below are the steps to add mods to Counter Strike Global Offensive on PC.

1. Open Steam > Go to your Library

2. Click On Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

3. Click on Workshop (Menu underneath green “Play” button)

4. Search for and choose a mod that you would like > Once happy click on the mod > Click on Subscribe

5. The mod will now be added to your downloads and begin installing to CSGO > Once installed you may need to relaunch the game for the mod to take effect > Launch the game and enjoy your chosen mod

There you have it that is how you download, install then play mods in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

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