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How To Download & Install MSI Afterburner To Your Windows 10 PC

Monitor, Overclock & Maximise Your GPU!

This Windows 10 tutorial will show you how to download and install MSI Afterburner to your PC.

MSI Afterburner is a free graphics card overclocking utility, so you can monitor and maximize your GPU. There are many different settings you can adjust including fan profiles and video recording.

You can also install RivaTuner Statistics Server alongside MSI afterburner, which is optional but very handy to check your in-game stats. It basically allows you to show your frames per second, what your RAM is doing, and other specs in-game. It displays it as a pretty cool overlay.

The MSI Afterburner offers overclocking tools for both AMD and NVIDIA and can enhance a large variety of graphics cards, supporting most brands.

****Top Tips****
IMPORTANT – As always, when it comes to overclocking be very careful and make sure you know what you are doing before making any adjustments as if you do it wrong you could cause serious damage to your PC

To download MSI Afterburner In Windows 10:

1. Click on the MSI Afterburner link here: > Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Download (Underneath MSI Afterburner) > Save file > Press OK when the download is finished

2. Open containing folder > Drag folder to desktop > Right click > Extract all > Extract > Open up the 4.6.2 folder > Run setup file > Press OK > Press next > Accept terms & conditions > Press next

3. Select if you would also like to install Rivatuner and choose options > Press next > Choose installation location > Press next > Press install > Press OK

4. Deselect Read Me if you want to > Press Finish > Deselect Read me again > Tick Launch MSI Afterburner > Press Finish

If you are struggling to download MSI Afterburner due to them recently changing their website then check out this post here

To set up Rivatuner:

1. After step 3 above press next > Accept terms & Conditions >Choose installation location > Press install

Check out the video tutorial here on How To Download & Install MSI Afterburner To Your Windows 10 PC if you are getting stuck.

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