How To Split Screen In Fortnite Battle Royale On Xbox One & PS4

Play Online Multiplayer With Friends!

This Xbox One tutorial will show you how to play split screen in Fortnite online multiplayer in Battle Royale mode. You can play with a friend on the same TV as a duo or in a squad and this is on the Battle Royale mode currently. You can also do this on a PS4! When playing online multiplayer together you will both gain XP and level up individually which is great.

To play split screen in Fortnite on the Xbox One you will need two controllers and two Xbox accounts and the same goes for the PS4, two different accounts and two controllers.

To play Fortnite in split screen do the following:

1. Sign into your Xbox account and open Fortnite (make sure you are in Battle Royale Mode and either playing Squads or Duos)

2. Plug in or connect your second controller

3. Press in the middle button on your controller (Xbox Logo) > Go across the menus until you get to the sign in page

4. Click on switch user profile or account and choose the account you would like > Press Sign In (make sure you are doing this on the second controller)

5. Should now come up with ‘P2 Log In Hold A’ at bottom of Fortnite game screen > Hold A (X if using PS4) > Will come up with logging in screen (You should now see your second player on the screen)

6. Press Y to ready up (different button for PS4) > Find a match and enjoy

Check out the video tutorial below on How To Split Screen In Fortnite Battle Royale On Xbox One & PS4 you are getting stuck:

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