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Fortnite Fix splitscreen not working.

Fortnite is an extremely fun free to play game, and we just love going around building, shooting, and trying to get that Battle Royale win, otherwise known as Victory Royale! However, sometimes it’s not always as straightforward as having some fun in Fortnite as it can have its problems like the one we will be looking at in this post with split screen and matchmaking.

If you are trying to sit back with your friend or partner to play a bit of Fortnite split-screen on your PlayStation or Xbox, you may discover that you are unable to play Splitscreen. Every time you press to join into a match in either Duos, Trios, or Squads you keep getting the loading icon and it does nothing, or perhaps it’s stuck on “Waiting for matchmaking to commence”.

Don’t panic as we have a few things that you can try to fix split screen issues in Fortnite on your console, which will hopefully get you back into the Fortnite game in no time at all.

Why is Fortnite split screen not working?

The most common cause for split-screen all of a sudden not working in Fortnite is an issue with the game itself, but there can also be many other reasons as to why you are unable to play split screen.

It could be an issue with your controller, you have not selected the correct game mode that supports Fortnite split screen, or it might even be an issue with Epics servers or even your own internet connection.

So as we previously said above there can be many reasons as to why you are not able to currently play split screen in Fortnite on your console, so we would suggest that you try each method below to see if one of them helps fix the issue.

Why play Fortnite split screen?

Split-screen basically does what it says, the screen is split with another player. So if you have a friend over or a family member that wants to play Fortnite with you on your console, then you can join a match so that you are both displayed on your TV, working together to win the game.

We play split screen all the time as we love the feel of winning a battle royale together, on the same screen!

Can you still level up in Fortnite split-screen?

Whether you are playing Duos, Trios, or Squads on split screen, both players will still be able to level up as normal. You can also gain XP and complete challenges separately, or work together on a shared XP quest.

How to fix Fortnite split screen & matchmaking issues:

Below are the steps for fixing Fortnite split screen and matchmaking issues on PlayStation and Xbox.

Fix 1: Server status

Check the Epic Games server status for Fortnite, you can easily check the Epic Games Server status here.

Fix 2: Connection

Ensure it’s not an issue with your internet connection, Run a speed test on your internet and check out your internet providers website to see if there are any known problems within your area.

  • You can check your internet speed by typing into Google “Internet Speed test” and click on “Run Speed Test” > Your internet provider may also have one on their website to check your broadband speed
  • You can also check the internet connection speed on your console such as your PlayStation 5

Fix 3: Notifications

Make sure there are no notifications warning you if there is an issue with Split Screen in Fortnite like the one below.

Fortnite Matchmaking issues in splitscreen notification in-game.

Fix4: Relaunch

Close down the game then restart your console and launch Fortnite again.

Fix 5: Signed-in

Make sure each controller is signed into its own profile on the console.

If you are unsure of how to do this in Fortnite then check out our split screen guide here for Xbox One and PS4.

Fix 6: Battery

Ensure the second controller has battery and is not cutting out or disconnecting.

Fix 7: Game modes

When playing split screen you can only play Duos, Trios, or squads game modes, try matchmaking into each one of these game modes in case its an issue with a particular one.

Fix 8: Region

Try changing the “Matchmaking Region” to a different region, as the current region you are trying to matchmake in could be having problems and causing you the issue.

  • Changing the region is very simple and can be done within the Fortnite Settings > Under the “Game tab” you will see Matchmaking region > Choose a different region from here and don’t forget to press Apply (preferably choose a region closest to yourself to help reduce lagging issues in Fortnite)
Changing the matchmaking region in Fortnite settings

If you are still unable to play Fortnite split-screen on your console then it could be an issue with the game itself and you might have to wait until the next update is released. But you could always have a look around online and see if anyone else is currently having the same issue just to be sure.

Otherwise, the other thing you could try is removing Fortnite from your console as we show here on a PS5, then try then installing it again onto your console as this can help resolve all sorts of issues.

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