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Diablo 4 Config File Location

The Diablo 4 config file location is in a much simpler location than other games like Hogwarts Legacy. So if you are wanting to make some changes to the Diablo 4 config file which stores all the settings information for the game such as graphics, audio, subtitles, etc, then you will want to know where it is located.

When making changes to the config file be careful because if you edit the wrong setting and change it to an incorrect value, then you might not be able to launch the game and it could cause issues in Diablo 4.

If Diablo IV keeps crashing and freezing, knowing where the config files are located could help fix the problem you are having.

Diablo 4 Config File Location

Open File Explorer

Now go to your Documents folder

Find the Diablo 4 Folder and open it

Diablo 4 folder in Documents

You will now see a file that says LocalPrefs which contains all of Diablo 4 settings

Diablo IV localprefs folder

Once opened you will see all of the setting values for Diablo

Diablo 4 settings values

I hope the short guide above has helped you find the location of the configuration file for Diablo IV, and that you have managed to do whatever it was you needed to do with it.

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