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MultiVersus controller vs keyboard

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how you can play a controller against a keyboard using the same PC. You might have noticed when playing local play in MultiVersus that if you have a controller plugged in and a keyboard, then they both control the same player within the game.

There is an easy way of resolving this so Player 1 can use a keyboard and mouse and Player 2 can use a controller, as we explain below.

MultiVersus local play allows us to play against our friends and family within the game so you can battle it out to see whos the best. And if you are better at playing MultiVerusus with keyboard and mouse then you will want to use these controls when playing local play, when the other player uses a controller.

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MultiVersus in-game screenshot.

How to play MultiVersus local play with controller and keyboard

Providing you have more than one controller to be able to play MultiVersus local play with Player 1 using keyboard and mouse and Player 2 using a controller, you will need to plug in two controllers into your computer.

So the first controller will control Player 1 but so will the keyboard/mouse, and the second controller will control Player 2. This way you can play on the same PC with your friend.

MultiVersus 2 players selected in local play

Why does a controller control Player 1 in MultiVersus local play?

We are not sure why having one controller plugged into the computer still controls player one when trying to play local play. But we sure hope if it is a bug with the game, that it gets resolved within a future update. As having to plug two controllers in to play local play on PC is kind of annoying!

We hope the above has helped you figure out why the controller is controlling Player 1 and not Player 2, and that you can now play with a friend using the same PC in MultiVersus local multiplayer.

MultiVersus gameplay image

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