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Fix Switch joy con drift.

The Nintendo Switch has been out for some time now. In fact, it was released back in 2017 which now seems a very long time ago. The time I have so far spent playing the Nintendo Switch has been great and although a lot of games are remastered, they have brought back many good memories!

There has been one thing that can sometimes be an issue with the Nintendo Switch and that’s when the switch Joy Cons keep disconnecting, or for the reason why you are reading this guide and that is the Switch Joy Con drifting issue. This can get a little frustrating especially if you are in the middle of playing a game like Super Mario 3D World, and your character just goes off on its own!

So in this guide, we will be taking a look at what you can do to hopefully fix your Nintendo Switch Joy Con drift. Below, I have listed different methods you can try and you will need to do each one until one resolves the issue.

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How to Fix Switch Joy-Con drift

This issue is more noticable when playing the Switch docked and using your Joy-Cons handheld. But you may even notice the issue if you have connected your Switch controllers to your PC.

Let’s take a look at how to resolve drift in Switch Joy-cons. I have played a few games where this has happened, and can actually blame losing a level or falling off an edge on this problem!

Fix 1: Switch Joy Con update

The first thing to do is check if there are any new updates available for your Joy Cons, as it might have the patch to resolve the joy con drifting that you are experiencing:

  • From your Home screen open up the System Settings
  • Go to the “Controllers and sensors” settings
  • Select Update controllers
Nintendo Switch settings update controllers selected

Fix 2: Clean joysticks

When was the last time you cleaned your Switch Joy-Cons? Make sure there is no dirt build up etc. under the joystick.

Even if you cannot see any its still worth just giving your Joy Con and under the stick a good clean with a cloth.

Fix 3: Re-calibrate joycon

Within the Switch options, we can re calibrate the Joy Con to your console. This is definately worth doing this as the calibration could be incorrect causing your controllers to drift during a game:

  • Open System settings and go back to the Controllers and sensors settings
  • Select Calibrate Control Sticks
  • Follow the steps and your Joy-Cons will be recalibrated
Selecting Calibrate control sticks in the Nintendo Switch controller settings

Fix 4: Replace joystick

If you are feeling brave enough, you could try purchasing a new joystick then replace it as it could be faulty which is causing the Joy Con drifting issue.

Joystick replacement on Amazon

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Fix 5: Contact Nintendo

If none of the above methods have helped then the next thing to do is to contact Nintendo support and see what they suggest, as they might offer to replace or repair the Joy Con. There is no guarantee this will happen though and will depend on how long you have owned it for.

I hope one of the above methods helped you fix the Nintendo Switch Joy Con drift problems and you can now sit back and enjoy the game you were trying to play.

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