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Fix Textures Not Loading Correctly Or Taking A Long Time To Load!

Call Of Duty Cold War Outbreak game mode is finally out, and it was definitely worth the wait!

It`s extremely fun, but that’s not to say it does not have problems. You might have noticed that sometimes you might be running along and textures for trees, bushes, rocks, roads, and even buildings are not loading correctly. Or perhaps the textures within Outbreak are just taking a long time to load.

The good news is there are a few methods you can do which will hopefully fix the texture issues you are currently experiencing in Call Of Duty Cold War Outbreak. But just remember that some graphical issues are just related to the game mode and can only be fixed by Activision, so you would need to wait for a new update that will resolve those issues or bugs.

****Top Tip****
After trying a method reset the Shaders Cache and then try playing the game and see if the issue is still present. If not then move on to the next method and do the same

Example of bad textures In Cold War Outbreak

To Fix Call Of Duty Cold War Outbreak Texture & Graphics Issues:

1. Install the latest Graphics card drivers for your PC or Laptop – Using out-of-date drivers can cause all kinds of graphical and texture issues within games (Helpful download links below)

2. Restart and clear the shader cache – This really does resolve a lot of graphical and texture loading issues in Call Of Duty:

  • Launch Cold War Zombies > Select Settings > Graphics > Click “Restart Shader Cache”

3. Disable Ray-Tracing – As beautiful as Ray Tracing looks, it can actually cause a lot of texture issues in Outbreak. This is because it requires a lot of VRAM, and if your graphics card or system is not up to the task this will most likely be the cause of the problem.

  • Boot up Cold War Zombies > Select Settings > Graphics > Click on all Ray Tracing options so that they say disabled

4. Make sure you’re not using too much VRAM – You will notice on the left side of the graphics settings in Cold War Zombies a white line showing you how much VRAM you are using:

  • Make sure the VRAM usage is below the white line

5. Change the resolution – If you are using a high resolution your graphics card could be struggling to handle that resolution within Call Of Duty Cold War Outbreak. So try turning down the resolution and see if that resolves the textures not loading correctly:

  • Launch Cold War Zombies > Select Settings > Graphics > Resolution > Turn it down (Just keep in mind you do need to set the game to run in fullscreen to change the resolution)

6. Make sure nothing is running in the background – Make sure any apps or programs, or even virus scans are not running as this can have a huge impact on your system performance, which will make Cold War Outbreak suffer. This can then result in graphical issues and textures not loading correctly.

That brings us to the end of this guide and hopefully one of the methods above helped resolve the texture issues you were having in Call Of Duty Cold War Outbreak. Please comment below and let everyone know which method helped fix the problem for you.

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Bad Textures In Outbreak

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