FIX Call Of Duty Cold War Outbreak Texture & Graphics Issues On PC

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  1. koal says:

    Anyone know why textures load very poorly, cartoony looking. Sky glitches to black on and off. Weapon attachments not loading in class list. Other various things not loading properly. I’ve watched nearly every video on YouTube and read so many articles trying all sorts of things but to no avail. I’ve reinstalled game. Tried all the setting variations. Made sure I’m on the latest gpu driver.32 gb 3000RAM, 8th gen i7, 1tb m.2 ssd, 1060 3gb gpu, all other games run very well.

    • Tyler says:

      I am aswell having the same issue but i think the fix is with restarting your shaders to clear the cache that is if you have played the game for a while and it used to run fine before

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