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Crashes, Blue Screen, Freezing, Graphics & Texture Issues, Performance Issues, Error Codes & More!

If you have Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War on PC and especially love the Zombies mode, then unfortunately you may come across some issues when playing the game on your Windows 10 computer. Some of the most common errors are; crashes, game freezing, graphics and texture issues, Cold War Zombies keeps losing connection, FPS drop, blue screen crashes, error codes, and many more!

In this Ultimate Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies and Outbreak FIX Guide we will be going through a few methods that will hopefully fix the problems you might be facing in 2021, especially whilst playing the Zombies mode.

Some of the current error codes that you may come across are 887A0005, 2909663725, and 3107840166, so fingers crossed by trying the steps below, one of these methods will resolve the issues you are having and then you can play Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies without any issues, making it much more enjoyable.

The methods in this Cold War Zombies guide are for PC & Laptops using Windows 10. Unfortunately, these will not work for console versions of the game!

Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies Fixes:

1. Make sure Windows is up to date and all hardware drivers are updatedIt is very important to make sure Windows is fully up to date and running the latest feature update. Your graphics card also needs to be running the latest most stable graphics card drivers that are available. If you use out-of-date drivers they won’t be as optimised as the newer drivers for Cold War, which could cause all sorts of graphical problems such as; textures loading incorrectly, FPS drop, and graphics stuttering:

  • To install the latest Windows 10 updates right-click on the Windows Start Menu Icon > Settings > Update & Security then click “Check for Updates” if updates are found then click install
  • To install the latest graphics card drivers head on over to the manufacturer site for your graphics card then find your GPU and download them. (Helpful links for installing the latest video drivers can be found at the top of this page)

2. Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) – If you are having issues with Call Of Duty Zombies crashing, textures not loading, FPS drop or the game freezing, then by using DDU in safe mode to uninstall your video drivers and then reinstall the latest GPU drivers will hopefully resolve the issues.

  • You can find out how to use DDU here

3. Change Resolution – Your game may crash if you have an incorrect resolution as it depends on what your monitor and graphics card support. If you have a 4K monitor, it does not mean your Graphics card can support a 4K resolution. If your resolution keeps crashing in 4K change it to 1920 x 1080 or even lower and work your way up (Call Of Duty isn’t great with 4K resolution):

  • Launch Call Of Duty Cold War > Click Settings > Graphics > Under Resolution you can now change this to a lower resolution and begin the process of working your way through them
  • Change the high DPI settings (Right-click the Call Of Duty Cold War desktop shortcut > Properties > compatibility > Click on Change high DPI settings > Click Override high DPI scaling behaviour > Change to System (enhanced)

4. If you keep losing your progress for your weapons and challenges in the gameDoing a restart of your system can help fix these issues, until Activision resolves the bug.

5. Shut down any background applicationsClose apps running in the background such as web browsers, music players, and hardware monitors when playing as this can help fix errors like; “unfortunately unexpectedly stopped working” or error codes like 3107840166, 887A0005, or 2909663725. It can also help free up some memory which will help make Zombies run a lot smoother.

6. Call Of Duty Zombies connection interrupted error and network issues These are very common errors and you may also get error messages like “cannot connect to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War online services”

  • The first thing you are going to want to check is that the Activision Services are all currently running fine with no issues (Link to check services at top of page)
  • If everything seems fine then the next thing to do is to check you are not having issues with your internet provider so check out the helpful link above for a speed test or try Googles internet speed test (search speed test in Google search)
  • Also, check out your service provider’s website to ensure they are not having problems.
  • If everything seems fine then the next thing you are going to want to do is to ensure you are plugged in directly to your router as this can resolve a lot of problems with packet loss and server latency
  • Turn off any VPN you maybe be using

7. Disable any Antivirus on your PC – If you are still encountering network issues with Call Of Duty Cold War zombies then it could be your security blocking its access(If you are using Windows Defender then also turn off real-time protection – remember your PC will not be protected)

You can find more network and connection issue fixes here

8. Disable Ray Tracing, Set a limit on the FPS, Turn off gameplay V-sync and menu V-sync, and turn off shadows – This can all be done within Call Of Duty Cold War Settings and this can help fix texture issues (also ensure VRAM isn’t at its maximum)

9. Remove overclock settings from GPU, CPU, and RAM and disable XPM in the BIOS – Overclocking your hardware can cause a lot of issues when playing Call Of Duty zombies as the game can become unstable causing it to crash, freeze, or even bluescreen. So turning off any settings you have applied to your hardware could help fix the problems you are encountering.

10. Turn off Hardware accelerated GPU scheduling – This can cause a few graphical issues in Zombies mode and Outbreak, so turning off this new feature that was introduced to Windows 10 might help resolve graphics issues you may be facing in-game

  • You can find out how to turn on or off GPU Scheduling here

11. Ensure your system is not overheating – If this is the case you will run into all sorts of problems. Not only in Call Of Duty but other games as well like system crashes, game freezing and blue screening etc

  • You can check your GPU and CPU using HWMonitor which you can find the link for above

12. Run Call Of Duty Cold War & Battle.net App as an adminThis can solve a lot of issues especially connection error messages:

  • Right-click the COD Cold War shortcut then click “properties” > Compatibility > Tick Box for “Run this program as an administrator” > Press apply > Press OK
  • Right-click the Battle.net App shortcut then click “properties” > Compatibility > Tick Box for “Run this program as an administrator” > Press apply > Press OK

13. Scan & Repair – If you are still having problems then check out this post on how to scan and repair the game which will check if there any corrupted files that could be causing any issues.

If you are still unable to play Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies after all the above methods, then unfortunately you may need to reinstall the game!

Check out this video tutorial here on Ultimate Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies & Outbreak PC FIX Guide 2021 if you are getting stuck and for more steps.

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