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If you are having issues with Dying Light 2 on your Windows computer such as it crashing or not launching, then there are several ways to fix this. Making the Dying Light 2 game launch using DirectX 11 could help iron out some of those problems and also graphical issues within the game.

It could also make the game perform better on your computer if you are experiencing some performance issues while running around the fantastic open world of Dying Light 2.

Will This Fix DirectX Errors?

Yes, making Dying Light 2 Stay Human run in DirectX 11 can resolve DirectX issues or crashing issues. However, you might also need to update DirectX in Windows which can easily be done in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Why force Dying Light to run DirectX 11?

If you are having issues with Dying Light 2 such as texture issues, graphics problems then switching could help. It can also help improve the performance of Dying Light 2.

You might also need to use DirectX11 if you don’t have a GPU that supports DX12.

How To Force DX11 In Dying Light 2 PC:

1. Open File Explorer and go to your Documents folder

2. Now open the Dying light 2 folder then the Out folder

3. Next open the Settings folder > You will then see a file video.scr > Right-click and Open (you will need to open the file with Notepad)

4. Once the file is open look for the line RendererMode(“d3d12”) > Change this to RendererMode(“d3d11”) > If it already has the value d3d11 then Dying Light 2 is already using DirectX 11 and no change is needed

That’s how easy it is to make Dying Light 2 run in DX11 on your Windows PC or laptop. We hope you found the above helpful and it’s made an improvement with any issues you are facing in the game.

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