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If you enjoyed Rainbow Six Siege then you will have probably already tried out Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction! This tactical first-person co-op shooter game is great fun, and if your PC specs meet the system requirements then the graphics are pretty awesome too!

But we always want to make our graphics look even better, so if you have already installed the game on your PC then you may want to add HD textures to the game. However, have you noticed that you cannot download the Rainbow Six Extraction HD Texture pack?

If you look on the Ubisoft store and search in the Ubisoft Connect (UPlay) app, then the HD textures pack is missing and not available to download. You also will not find it under “Owned DLC” when you click on the game overview in the Ubisoft launcher.

Can you install HD Texture pack for Rainbow Six Extraction?

The Rainbow Six Siege game had an ultra HD texture pack available as free DLC to download in Ubisoft Connect and Steam. DLC is usually available in the Ubisoft Connect app within the game Overview, under “Owned DLC”. For example, if you look at the screenshot below you can see that if we click on Far Cry 6 we can see the textures pack and other additional DLC available to install:

There is an HD Texture pack available for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction. Unfortunately, it’s not currently available to download through Ubisoft Connect and it does need to be added when you first install the game.

So if you missed that option or did not select it when you first installed the game, then annoyingly you will need to reinstall Rainbox Six to be able to install those HD textures!

Do I need HD Textures in Rainbox 6 Extraction?

The texture packs basically upgrade some of the common textures like weapons and characters. It will give you higher detail giving you a sharper and crisper display in-game.

If you have a high-res monitor or a decent GPU, then you can take advantage of the texture pack and get those graphics looking even better!

How to get Rainbow Six Extraction PC Missing HD Texture pack:

So as we mentioned above, you will need to reinstall R6E currently to download the HD Texture pack for the game.

1. Launch the Ubisoft Connect app > Click on Games on the top menu > Go to Installed games

2. Click on “More Actions” (the drop-down arrow) under Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction > Click on Uninstall > Follow the steps

3. Go back to Games and scroll down to “My Games” > Click on the game > Then click Download

4. Follow the steps to install the game

5. Make sure you select “Rainbow Six Extraction – HD Texture pack” and press Continue > Follow the steps to install the game again

So that is how to install R6:Extraction HD Textures and you should now have them on your PC. We are sure in the near future that you will be able to download them as free DLC, as you could with Rainbow Six Siege.

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