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How To Display Forza Horizon 5 FPS Counter In-Game

The Forza Horizon 5 game is awesome and there are plenty of new races to unlock and rewards to gain. We have really been enjoying this game, especially playing it on our Windows PCs. However, if you are anything like us then you will want to keep an eye on your FPS whilst playing Horizon 5, to make sure you are getting a decent frame rate.

If you weren’t already aware, Forza Horizon 5 has an in-game FPS counter which you can choose to display on your screen. So while you are racing around or discovering new areas and roads, you can have the FPS showing in the top corner of your screen, instead of having to use another program or third-party software.

If you are suffering from extremely low fps in the game then it might be worth checking the system requirements to make sure your PC meets the minimum specs.

Why should I show my FPS in Forza Horizon 5?

Frames per second (or FPS) basically show you how many frames your graphics card can render each second, or how many frames your monitor can display each second.

It’s useful to have an fps counter in-game to keep an eye on your Forza frame rate. Whether it’s just to simply keep an eye on it or you are suffering from low fps and want to check the amount, then it is fairly straightforward to do, as shown in this post.

Getting a high enough frame rate in Horizon 5 will make your game run better and smoother, so if you have low fps issues then this could be one of your first steps of troubleshooting this issue, by being able to see what FPS your PC is achieving whilst running the game. You can then go on to adjust graphics settings and tweaking options to help boost your FPS.

Will having low FPS in Forza Horizon 5 cause me issues?

The simple answer to this question is yes, it will cause you issues. It’s important to have a reasonable or high Frame rate because if it is too low then you will come across issues such as:

How to show FPS in Forza Horizon 5 PC:

Now you know a little about why it’s important to keep an eye on your FPS and what issues it can cause you in Forza Horizon, you will definitely want to give the steps below a try so you can enable this handy little FPS counter in-game!

1. Launch the game on your PC or laptop

2. Once in the game press Esc > Make sure you have the “Campaign” tab selected and then click on Settings

3. Go down to “Video” > Toggle the “Show FPS” option to On > Press your Space bar or click on Save at the bottom

4. Press Esc to go back to the game and you will notice your Frames per second displayed in an fps counter in the top right-hand corner of the screen

That’s how easy it is to show FPS in your Forza Horizon 5 PC game. We hope it helps you with either troubleshooting low fps or lets you know that your PC is handling the game just fine with your current GPU. If your game is still crashing and you know your frame rate is decent then you can check out our ultimate fixing guide here.

Check out the video tutorial here on Forza Horizon 5 Show Your FPS On PC if you are getting stuck.

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