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Fix Windows 10 No Sound

In this guide we will be taking a look at how to fix Windows 10 no sound when the audio is not working in Windows 10 this can be extremely frustrating we use sound for almost everything we do within Windows so if it stops working this can be a big problem luckily there are a couple of things you can do to fix Windows 10 sound issues.

So below we have listed different methods you can do that should get the sound/audio working again on your Windows 10 computer so you can listen to your music, watch movies again, play games, or just listen to Windows sound effects.

What causes Windows 10 sound issues

When it comes to having no sound in Windows 10 it can sometimes be as simple as your sound cable has become unplugged or faulty, your sound is muted or you don’t have a sound driver installed which is required to be able to hear sound in Windows.

How to fix no sound in Windows 10

Below are the different methods for fixing Windows 10 no sound and audio issues you will need to do each method until one resolves the problem you are having.

Fix 1: Speaker cable

Check your speaks are plugged in and the cable has not become unplugged.

Fix 2: Audio/USB port

Try plugging your speakers into a different port on your computer.

Fix 3: Audio muted

Check your speakers are not muted and turned on.

Click Speaker Icon in the bottom right corner (System Tray) > Slide Volume Bar Up.

Fix 4: Sound output source

Make sure you have the correct output source selected for your speakers.

Right-Click Speaker Icon in bottom right corner > Open Sound Settings > Choose correct Output Device

Fix 5: Troubleshoot sound

Right-Click Speaker Icon in bottom right corner > Open Sound Settings > Troubleshoot (See if troubleshoot can detect the problem)

Fix 6: Latest sound driver

Install the latest audio driver from the manufacturer’s website for your sound card.

Fix 7: Try speakers on another device

If you are able to plug the speakers you are having issues with into another computer or device to ensure the speakers are not faulty.

We hope one of the above methods has helped get the sound working on your Windows 10 computer again and you are now able to hear things if you are still not able to hear sound then you might need to reset Windows 10 if you did find this guide helpful then we are sure you would like all of our other Windows guides.

Check out the video tutorial here on How To FIX Audio Or Sound Issues In Windows 10 if you are getting stuck.

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