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COD Warzone fix building textures bad.

Fix Buildings In Call Of Duty Warzone Textures Bad & Taking Ages To Load

Have you noticed that sometimes when you aim down the sights of your weapon at a building in COD Warzone that the building textures look really bad quality and have not loaded correctly? However, after a few seconds, you might find that the building will then load the textures and it will look fine. It usually happens to the buildings in the distance but it can also happen to buildings that are close.

Below we have listed a couple of methods that should hopefully fix the building’s textures in Warzone looking bad on your PC or laptop.

How To Fix Bad Building Textures In Warzone:

Below are the different methods to fix bad building textures in Warzone on PC.

Fix 1: Update GPU driver

Make sure you have the latest graphic card drivers installed, one of the most common causes of graphical issues in Warzone is due to not having the latest graphics card drivers installed:

Fix 2: Install location

If you have Warzone installed to an HDD then move the game to an SSD if you don’t have one then it’s definitely worth getting one as moving Warzone to an SSD could not only help fix the textures on buildings not loading correctly. It will improve the read speeds allowing the textures to load faster and it will also improve load times in the game

Fix 3: Overclock

If you have overclocked any of your hardware then remove the overclock settings and see if the textures on buildings still look weird.

Fix 4: Graphics adapter

Ensure you have the correct display adapter selected, if you have the incorrect graphics card selected then this will cause issues so make sure you have your dedicated GPU selected:

  • Launch Warzone > Options > Graphics
  • Make sure Display Adapter is correct
Warzone display settings showing Display Adapter option.

Fix 5: Texture settings

Change the texture settings in-game to high, if your GPU can handle then set the graphics to high, otherwise if your FPS gets too low and VRAM usage is too high then that can cause textures to start messing up

  • Boot up the game > Options > Click on Graphics > Adjust settings

Fix 6: Change the graphics settings

Ensure you have set the below settings and see if it helps.

Go to Options on the main Warzone screen > Click on Graphics:

  • Render Resolution – Set to 100 (should say the same as your resolution)
  • Filmic Strength – 0.00
  • Depth of Field – Disable
  • World Motion Blur – Disable
  • Weapon Motion Blur – Disable
  • Film Grain – 0.00
Warzone graphics settings showing which settings to use.

Fix 7: Restart the shader cache

If there is an issue with the cache then restarting it can help resolve many graphics issues.

  • Boot up the game > Options > Click on Graphics
  • Click on ‘Restart shaders installation‘ > Press Restart > Click Apply settings
Warzone graphics tab showing restart shaders installation.

We hope the above methods have helped fix the texture issues you have been experiencing with buildings in Warzone.

If you are still having problems with the buildings looking strange then you might need to reinstall the game. Check out this post on how to install Warzone.

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