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Windows 10 Compatibility Troubleshooter

If you are having problems trying to run a program or game in Windows 10 due to it being old and not 100% compatible with Windows 10, then you can try changing the compatibility mode.

However, you can let Windows 10 do the hard work and see if it can detect the issue for you. Then it will apply some settings that will hopefully make the game or program compatible with Windows 10.

Below we have listed the steps for running the troubleshooter.

Running Compatbility Troubleshooter In Windows 10:

1. Right-click the shortcut of the game or program you are trying to run > Click Properties > Compatability

2. Now click the “Run compatablility troubleshooter” button

3. It will now scan for issues

4. Now click “Try recommended settings” > Click “Test the program” > Now click Next

5. If the compatibility settings worked click “Yes, save these settings for this program

6. If it didn’t work then click “No, try again using different settings” and follow the onscreen instructions

There you have it that is how you run the compatibility troubleshooter in Windows 10. Hopefully, it has resolved the issues you were facing with either the program or game.

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