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How To Enable Windows 11 Transparency

Microsoft has done a great job at making Windows 11 look very fresh and nice! They have even given us the choice of using the light mode or dark mode, which was introduced in Windows 10.

But did you know you can make Windows 11 look even better! Yes, that’s right there is an option that allows you to enable transparent effects. It is normally enabled by default but just in case we have listed the steps for turning on transparency effects below so you can check you have it enabled.

What Does Transparency Effects Do?

Enabling transparency effects in Windows 11 will make window backgrounds slightly transparent as well as the taskbar. We really like the transparency effects option turned on in Windows 11, even if it does not make a major difference.

It basically will make open windows and surfaces appear translucent on your Windows 10 PC.

Transparency Effects Will It Slow Down Computer?

Yes enabling the option can slow down your Windows 11 PC or Laptop just like other fancy effects. But if your computer is pretty decent then you shouldn’t notice a difference as there are lots of other effects running in Windows 11 within the Appearance and Performance of Windows.

Can you Turn Transparency Effects Back Off?

The simple answer is yes you can turn off the transparency effects again in Windows 11 if you decide you don’t like them or want them anymore.

Make Windows 11 Appear Translucent:

So now you know what the transparency effects do within Windows 11 we can take a look at how you can enable this effect and change the appearance of Windows 11.

Method one:

1. Right-click the Start menu icon and select “Settings

2. Now click “Accessibility” in the left menu > Click “Visual effects

3. Next to “Transparency effects” toggle to “On

Method two:

1. Right-click the Windows Start menu > Settings

2. Click on Personalisation in the left-hand menu > Select Colours

3. Toggle “Transparency effects” to On

There you go that’s how you turn on transparency effects in Windows 11. There is no need to download any software to add a slight transparent effect to your windows and taskbar in Windows 11, as you can see there is a setting that does it for you.

We feel it would be nice to have an option to choose just how transparent we can make everything within Windows 11, but at the moment this is not possible within the settings. But you never know it could come in a future update, we can only hope!

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