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Have you been wondering why you are unable to play split-screen in Fortnite? Then don’t worry because you are not the only one asking this question.

A new chapter in Fortnite means a new map to explore, so we have all been excited about the Fortnite chapter 3 release date.

However, it appears that the split screen option isn’t working or is not available which is quite disappointing. There’s something enjoyable about sitting back on the sofa with your mate or family member and trying to win that Fortnite Victory Royale!

Why is split screen not working in Fortnite Chapter 3?

If you have booted up Fortnite on your Playstation or Xbox and signed in your second player, you may have noticed that the “[P2] LOG IN (HOLD)” option is actually missing. This is normally displayed at the bottom of your screen (see screenshot below).

You can usually play Duos, Trios, or Squads alongside a friend using the split screen multiplayer feature, but it seems to have been disabled.

This is because currently, Epic games have reportedly removed the split screen multiplayer feature from Fortnite Chapter 3. We are not sure for the exact reason why, but it is possibly down to technical issues.

Will Splitscreen Return to Fortnite?

There is no confirmed date for when split screen will return to Fortnite Chapter 3 on your console, but we are sure it will be added again shortly. Mainly because it’s a very popular way of playing Fortnite on an Xbox or PlayStation.

We are one of the many that enjoy a bit of couch play split-screen, so until a new update is released for the Fortnite game we will not be able to play split screen.

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