Fortnite Getting Stuck On Loading Screen On PlayStation 5

If Fortnite is not working on your PlayStation 5 as every time you launch the game it then freezes on the loading screen, then don’t panic because there can be a couple of reasons why Fortnite is doing this on your PS5. This could be caused by things such as; Fortnite game being corrupted during install, It’s trying to do an update, or it keeps losing connection.

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Below I have listed a couple of things you can do which will hopefully fix your Fortnite and stop it freezing on the loading screen and not allowing you to play the game. Some of the below methods might seem a bit simple, but give them a try as it might be the one that gets you back into the game.

If you do manage to get past the Fortnite loading screen but then your game crashes or you receive an error, then check out Fortnite PS5 crashing guide.

Before You Try The Methods!

Before trying the methods below make sure there are currently no known issues with your internet provider in the local area as this could have an effect on Fortnite not being able to load on your PlayStation 5.

What If The Methods Do Not Work?

If the methods below do not fix Fortnite being stuck on the loading screen then it might just simply be an issue with the Fortnite servers. If they are currently having issues then it could stop Fortnite from loading on your PS5 and you will need to wait until the problem is resolved, but you can always check out the server status here. If it is not an issue with the servers then you might need to reinstall Fortnite on your PS5.

How To Fix Fortnite Not Loading & Freezing On Loading Screen On PS5:

Below are the different methods for fixing Fortnite getting stuck on loading and freezing on a PlayStation 5.

Fix 1: Close Fortnite

First off just try completely closing down Fortnite and then try launching it again.

  • Go to your PS5 Home Screen > Go to the Fortnite game icon
  • Press the Options button on your controller (the button to the right of the touchpad with the 3 horizontal lines) > Press X on Close Game
PlayStation 5 context menu close game.

Fix 2: Turn off

If you haven’t done so already turn off your Playstation 5, give it 30 seconds then turn it on again and try launching Fortnite.

Fix 3: Connection

Ensure your PS5 is connected to the internet and you are signed in to your Playstation account.

  • Go to Settings > Network
  • Check your connections under Connection Status
PlayStation showing its connected to the internet using a Wired connection and also shows PlayStation Network is Signed in.

Fix 4: Update

Make sure there are no Playstation 5 updates available.

  • Click on the settings cog > System
  • Go to System Software > Select “System Software Update and Settings
  • Update System Software” > Follow steps
PS5 system software and update settings.

Fix 5: Update game

Check for Fortnite updates if you have auto updates turned off hen your game wont be up to date.

  • Go to your home screen > Go to the Fortnite game icon
  • Press the Options button on your controller (the button to the right of the touchpad with the 3 horizontal lines) > Press X on Check for updates
PS5 game icon menu to check for updates

Fix 6: Users

Check no other users are logged into your Playstation 5, If they are then log them out.

I hope the above methods helped get Fortnite working again on your PlayStation 5 but if you are still unable to get Fortnite to go past the loading screen then unfortunately your game files might have become corrupted during install or when updating, so you will have to remove the game and then install it again as I mentioned above.

If you are unsure of how you can remove a PS5 game from your console then check out this guide on how to remove games on your PS5.

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