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Elden Ring is an awesome role-playing action game, where you can explore, collect, battle and combat. It has been around for a few weeks now and is very popular, especially as it is similar to the Dark Souls games. However, it’s very frustrating if your game keeps crashing, freezing, not launching, or even worse giving you a launch error code like CE-10095-5 on your PS5.

The Elden Ring game is available to play on PC and Xbox, as well as PlayStation. You can play solo and discover caves and dungeons, or jump into Online Multiplayer to challenge creatures with some friends. So in this guide, we will be taking a look at fixing the CE-10095-5 PS5 error code in Elden ring. So that you can get back into playing the game in no time, and not have an error pop up saying that you can’t start the game.

Why Am I Getting An Elden Ring PS5 Launch Error?

There can be many reasons why you are getting the CE-10095-5 on your PlayStation 5. Usually, a launch error is caused by a game file being corrupted, which can happen on installation. Or it could be that you have corrupted saved data, or it could just be that your console has outdated software.

What is the CE-10095-5 PlayStation 5 Error?

This error code will pop up on your screen when you try to launch Elden Ring on your PS5. It will stop Elden ring from launching and may even crash your system.

The error message usually says something like “Elden Ring. Can’t start the game or app” on PS5. And you will see the “CE-10095-5” error code.

A few players have been reporting this error, so there may be a fix in a future patch for the game. Until then, try all the methods below and hopefully one of them will fix Elden Ring for you.

How to fix Elden Ring PS5 Can’t Start The Game Or App Error:

Below are the different methods that will hopefully fix Elden Ring not starting and giving you a CE-10095-5 error on your PlayStation 5.

Fix 1: Restart your PlayStation 5

If you are lucky then the error may be a one-off glitch, so go ahead and restart your console and see if the error has gone next time you launch Elden Ring.

Fix 2: Update PS5

If your system or features are outdated then this can cause many issues with games on your PS5, including Elden Ring Crashing and Freezing. So make sure you have the latest updates installed:

  • Go to Settings from the Home Screen and then System software
  • System software update and settings” > Then “Update system software
  • Next go back to System software and then System Feature Updates
  • Click on “Restart and Install

Fix 3: Check for game updates

Make sure you have the latest patch installed for Elden Ring on your PS5, to help avoid any other error codes as well:

  • Find the Elden Ring game icon on your Home Screen
  • Press the Options button (3 lines to right of touchpad)
  • Then select Check for Update

Fix 4: Rebuild Database

If something has become corrupted in your PlayStation database causing the CE-100095-5 error, then this will rebuild your database and help fix any errors. This can take a few hours and also back up your data first, just in case:

  • Boot your PS5 into Safe Mode
  • Go to Option 5 > Then select Rebuild Database and press OK

Fix 5: Delete game save data

This error seems more than likely caused by corrupted data or files, so before trying the final step then try removing your saved game data for Elden Ring. Make sure to back up your data to a USB, in case you want to restore it:

  • Go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings
  • Select Saved Data and then Console Storage
  • Select Elden Ring and then Delete
  • Try and launch the game and if it works without your saved data then it is potentially corrupted, so you will have to start again!(Unless you have an older save file that you can sync up from PS Plus)

Fix 6: Reinstall Elden Ring PS5

If you are still getting the CE10095-5 error then unfortunately the final method is to reinstall the game. This can be frustrating, but if one of the game’s files was corrupted on download, or when you were updating, then this will cause your game to not launch and give you an error code:

  • Hover over the game icon on the home screen
  • Press the Options button on your PS5 controller and then Delete
  • Install Elden Ring as you did before

That’s the end of our guide on fixing the CE-100095-5 error in Elden Ring, on your PlayStation 5 console. We hope you are now back in this epic adventure game and are managing to launch it without an error saying “Can’t start the game or app”.

If you are still having issues then it may be worth contacting Sony support, and seeing if they can help.

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