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PS5 controller frozen on blue light.

Fix PS5 Controller Frozen On Blue light

In this post, we will be showing you how to fix your PlayStation 5 controller if it’s stuck on the blue light around the touchpad. It is very frustrating if you are having issues with your PS5 controller freezing and not being able to play your game. Luckily, it’s easy enough to fix.

You have probably noticed that even if you press any of the buttons, the controller will not do anything and your PS5 does not detect it. Even if you plug your wireless controller into your console, the controller still will not work and the blue light remains on. Don’t panic because below we have listed the steps that will hopefully fix the problem for you.

What Colour Is The PS5 Controller Normally?

When you are on the PS5 home screen your wireless controller does not show a colour. However, when you enter into a game depending on what the game is the backlight around the touchpad will change to a different colour, and this is perfectly normal.

PlayStation 5 controller showing a white colour light.

Does The Blue Light Stuck Mean The PS5 Controller Is Broken?

We have had the PS5 controller freeze on us and only show the blue light, and we were unable to do anything! We even turned the PlayStation 5 off and our controller remained on with the blue light around the touchpad, so the only option was to do the reset and we have not had the issue since.

So no, this does not mean your controller is broken but if it does keep happening then you might want to get it checked.

If you have issues with your PS5 controller flashing blue, then there are similar ways to troubleshoot this.

PlayStation 5 controller showing a blue colour light.

PS5 Controller Also Frozen When Plugged In

It does not matter if you are using your PlayStation 5 controller via Bluetooth or plugged in using the USB-C cable, if the controller is frozen and not working and has a blue light around the touchpad then the below steps will hopefully fix the issue for you.

What To Do If The Steps Below Do Not Fix My PS5 Controller?

If the below methods do not resolve the issue with your PlayStation 5 controller being frozen and not doing anything then it could be an issue with either your console or the controller itself.

So if you have another PS5 controller and have not had any issues with that one, then it could be a faulty PS5 controller. In that case, it would probably be worth reaching out to PlayStation support and seeing what they recommend, as they might be able to repair the controller if it’s still under warranty. This is defiantly worth doing as it’s not cheap to buy a new Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller.

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Fixing PS5 Controller Stuck On Bluelight:

Below are the steps for fixing a PlayStation 5 controller being stuck on blue light.

1. Unplug your PS5 controller from your PlayStation 5 (If it’s plugged in using the USB-C cable)

2. Now grab a small clip or pin

PlayStation 5 controller showing small pin hole location.

3. On the back of the controller you will see a little hole which is the reset button

Arrow pointing to the PS5 controller reset hole on the controller.

4. Push the clip into the hole and hold it for 3 – 5 seconds > This will reset your PS5 controller

PlayStation 5 controller with clip inserted into pin hole.

5. You can now reconnect your controller back to your PS5 by plugging the USB-C cable in

We hope the above method fixed your PlayStation 5 controller being stuck on the blue light. We experienced the issue ourselves and this is what got our PS5 controller working again, as it would not do anything at all!

If you did experience the issue when you were playing with the controller wirelessly using Bluetooth ensure the battery is not getting low, as that could also cause a couple of issues with the controller not being responsive. We have loads more console posts here which you might like.

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