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MW2 Show FPS.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to show FPS in Modern Warfare 2 on PC. When playing the game on your PC you will want to ensure you are getting a decent frame rate, also known as frames per second.

If you are not getting a decent FPS then you are going to experience issues in-game and it could also make MW2 crash, which we do not want.

When playing the game and trying to get a decent K/D you want to make sure you are getting a decent frame rate because if you are not then it’s going to make it harder to get those decent hits! Luckily, we can check what FPS we are getting in Modern Warfare 2, and if it’s not good enough then you can change the graphics settings until you get it better.

Why show FPS in MW2?

As I have already said above, having an FPS counter on display when playing allows you to keep an eye on what your frame rate is doing. And if it keeps dropping then you know you need to change some settings.

Or if it’s really high then you know you can always improve the graphics within the game and make things look better. Just keep in mind the higher the number, the better.

How to show FPS in Modern Warfare 2 on PC

You may have already enabled the FPS counter in Warzone, but below are the steps for showing a Modern Warfare 2 FPS counter on your Windows 10/11 PC or laptop.

1. Launch the game

2. Click on the Settings cog to open the Options

3. Then select Interface

4. Expand Telemetry > Toggle FPS Counter to On

MW2 show frame rate settings

I hope the above guide has helped you enable the FPS counter in MW2 and you can now see what frame rate you are getting in-game. And hopefully, you are getting a decent FPS!

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