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Call Of Duty Warzone On PC Won’t Start Or Launch

Have you have just installed or downloaded Call Of Duty WARZONE Season 3 on your PC or laptop, but for some unknown reason every time you try and launch the game it just does nothing or it crashes?

This can be really frustrating if Warzone will not start, but hopefully one of the below methods will help FIX COD WARZONE Season 3 on your computer and you will be back up and playing shortly.

How To FIX Warzone Season 3 Not Starting or Launching On PC:

1. Ensure you have the correct system requirements for Warzone – You will need to meet the minimum requirements to be able to run the game:

  • You can view the system requirements for Call Of Duty Warzone on the Activision site here

2. Make sure Windows 10 is up to date – This is very important to do to make sure your system is running smoothly and can help resolve issues with games:

  • Open the Windows 10 Start Menu and Type update > Click on Check for updates
  • Click on Check for updates again (If any updates are available click on download & they will install and you will need to Restart your PC)

3. Run COD Warzone as an administrator – Running the game as an admin works wonders for fixing launching issues:

  • Right-click the COD Warzone shortcut > Click on Properties > Select the Compatibility tab > Tick “Run this program as an administrator” > Press Apply and OK

4. Install latest graphics card drivers – This is very important to do especially when gaming on your PC and can also help fix graphical issues:

5. Make sure you have the latest BIOS and Firmware updates installed for your hardware

6. Close down any programs running in the backgroundApps such as Teamspeak and Discord, and Web browsers that are running in the background could be causing Warzone not to launch or start on your PC so make sure everything is closed down

7. Try a different user account – As simple as this sounds try using a different user account on your PC or laptop to play Warzone and remember to sign in as administrator (If you don’t have one create another user account)

8. Turn off any security software and make sure your Firewall isn’t blocking Warzone – Temporarily pausing your antivirus or security software may allow Warzone to launch properly on your PC (just remember your system will not be protected if you turn off your security)

Hopefully one of the above methods did help resolve the issue that was stopping your Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 from starting or launching. If you are still unable to get Warzone Season 3 to launch then you might need to unfortunately reinstall the game again. Check out this post on how to do that here.

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