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Elden Ring has a humungous map, and there is a lot to explore in this open-world game. But that brings us to the reason why we have written this guide. Because the Elden Ring’s open-world is so big you may have come across some graphics issues and texture problems in the game.

Luckily there are a couple of things that you can do that can help either get rid of or at least ease the graphics problems you are experiencing in the Elden Ring game. Whether it is stuttering, FPS or texture related.

What If The Methods Don’t fix graphics & textures in Elden Ring

If the methods below don’t help resolve the graphical issues you are having in Elden Ring, then you might need to wait for a patch that will hopefully resolve the game. Or a new graphics driver update that could help.

What Will The Methods Help Fix?

The methods below are aimed at resolving all sorts of graphics issues with Elden Ring on PC. So if you have been having problems such as:

  • Textures messed up
  • Textures Not loading correctly
  • Graphics lagging
  • FPS issues within the game
  • Stuttering issues
  • Blurry graphics

Then hopefully one of the methods below will help resolve the issue, and you will be back exploring Elden Ring, whether it will be solo or with a friend.

How To Fix Elden Ring PC Blurry Graphics:

Try out the steps below to fix textures and graphics in the Elden Ring game. If you are having DirectX errors then check out this post here.

1. Update Windows:

Windows 10:

  • Right-click on the start menu and go to Settings
  • Update & Security” then Check for updates

Windows 11:

  • Go to Settings by right-clicking on the start menu icon
  • Go to Windows update and click Check for updates

2. Update Graphics Driver:

As we mention in most of our PC game troubleshooting guides, it’s important to make sure that you have the latest driver installed for your GPU:

3. Remove Overclock Settings On GPU:

If you have overclocked your graphics card then this can sometimes cause issues. So if you are able to and know how to, try removing the overclock settings you have applied to your GPU.

4. NVIDIA Optimise:

If you have an NVIDIA GPU then you can install a program called GeForce Experience. If you do have this installed then you can use it to optimize Elden Ring on your Windows PC:

  • Open the GeForce Experience program> Find Elden Ring in the game list and click on Details
  • Then click on Optimise

5. Play Around With Graphics Settings:

Every PC and setup is different, so the same graphics settings will work for some but not for others. So have a play around with the graphics to see if a certain setting fixes your graphics in the game.

Below we have listed some graphics settings that should help with poor graphics and bad textures in Elden Ring:

At the Main menu select System > Go to the Graphics tab:

  • Change “Auto-Detect Best Rendering Settings” to OFF

Then in the Graphics tab click on Advanced Settings and change the following:

  • Texture quality – High or Maximum
  • Antialiasing quality – High
  • SSAO – High
  • Motion Blur – Turn Off
  • Shader Quality – High

6. Lower graphics settings

Depending on what graphics card you are running in your system will determine what settings you can use. If you have set the settings too high and your GPU only meets the minimum required spec then you are going to run into issues, so you will need to lower the settings.

Start off by setting the graphics to low in Elden Ring and then work your way up until you encounter issues:

  • From the Main menu go to System
  • Select the Graphics tab
  • Change Quality settings to Low

7. Reinstall Game On Different Hard Drive:

If you have installed the game onto an old slow hard drive then this could cause graphics issues. Also, if your hard drive is on its way out then that could be a big problem. If you have an SSD install the game to that or any other drive.

We hope the above methods helped sort the graphics issues you were having with Elden Ring on your Windows computer. If you are still having issues then it might be worth checking out our guide for fixing crashing issues with Elden Ring, as one of them could help.

If not then as we said above, you might need to wait for a new patch for the game that will hopefully fix the issue. If you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful then we are sure you would like all our other gaming guides here.

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