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Fix Dota 2 graphics problems.

Graphics Bad, Glitching, and Blurry In Dota 2 In Windows

If you are playing Dota 2 on your Windows 10/11 PC or laptop but finding that the graphics happen to keep going bad, then don’t worry because in this post we have listed a few things that you can do which will hopefully resolve the graphical issues you are facing.

You might be facing graphical issues in Dota 2 such as:

  • Dota 2 graphics are blurry
  • Dota 2 bad textures
  • Dota 2 graphics glitching
  • Dota 2 graphics really bad

Try out the methods that we have listed and after you have done each method go ahead and launch Dota 2 and see if it hopefully resolved the graphics problem. If it didn’t then move onto the next method.

Steps To Fixing Graphics Issues in Dota 2:

Below are the different steps for fixing graphics problems in Dota 2 you will need to do each method until one fixes the issue you are having.

Fix 1: Update Your graphics drivers

This is most important as it usually resolves most graphics problems with games:

If you already have the latest graphics card drivers installed then try installing the previous drivers just in case there is an issue with the new driver.

Fix 2: Change Dota 2 Graphics

Change your graphics preference in Windows settings.

  • Right-click the Start menu icon > Settings
  • Click on System
  • Select Display on the left-hand menu > Scroll down and click on”Graphics settings
  • In the Drop-down menu select “Desktop app” > Now click “Browse” then select dota2.exe and add it
  • Now click Dota 2 in the list and click “Options” > High performance
Windows setting a games graphics preference to High Performance

Fix 3: Remove Overclock settings

If you have overclocked your graphics card then try temporarily removing the overclock settings as this can sometimes cause issues

Fix 4: Update DirectX

If you don’t have the latest files installed for DirectX then this can cause issues.

  • Click here to download DirectX then follow the on-screen instructions
Updating DirectX version in Windows

Fix 5: Change Dota 2 Graphics Settings

In Dota 2 try using the below graphics settings.

Launch Dota 2 > Open the Settings > Go across to Video Settings > Click “Use advanced settings” and do the following:

  • Grass – Enable
  • Anti-aliasing – Enable
  • Texture quality – Medium
  • Effects quality – Medium
  • Shadow quality – Off
  • Game Screen Render Quality – 80%
  • Max FPS allowed – 60 (If you have a better GPU raise it higher)
  • Rendering – Direct3D 11
Dota 2 Video tab showing graphic settings.

Fix 6: Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling

You will only be able to use Hardware-accelerated GPU if your GPU supports it.

  • Right-click on Windows start menu icon > Settings
  • Click on System > Select Display on the left
  • Click on Graphics Settings
  • Toggle Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling to ON
Graphics Settings showing Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling option.

Fix 7: Display cable

Check it’s not your monitor’s cable causing the problem Try changing the cable for a new one if you have one available.

Fix 8: Display port

Try using a different display port on your graphics card and also a different display port on your monitor

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