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How To Add A Trusted Site To Google Chrome

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to add a trusted site to Google Chrome. If there is a website you know and trust online but its content keeps getting blocked by your Chrome browser, then you will need to add the website to the Google Chrome trusted sites list.

If you add a trusted site to Chrome, this will mean that when you visit the website none of its content will be blocked by your Chrome browser.

Just make sure you are adding a website to the Google allow list that you trust otherwise, you could end up causing damage to your system.

What are trusted sites?

Trusted websites are basically websites that you trust. Although it sounds simple, your browser will block all or some of a website if it thinks the site has insecure content or perhaps is a security risk. You can choose a URL to add to your web browser’s trusted sites list, to allow you to view all of the website’s content.

If you have a website that you know will not cause your system any harm then you can add it to google chromes trusted sites list. Chrome will then know that you deem the website secure and safe, so when you visit that particular URL it will no longer be fully or partially blocked. This can also be done in Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

Why Add Trusted Site To Chrome?

As we mentioned above, Chrome may stop you from accessing a particular URL until you add it to the Chrome trusted sites. This may be because of insecure content (such as the padlock missing) and your browser may do the following:

  • Block website completely
  • Ask permission every time you visit the site
  • Display an Insecure content blocked warning
  • Block content on the website

So if you are sure the website is safe then go ahead and check out the steps below on how to allow insecure content and trust a site in your Google Chrome browser.

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How To Add A Website To Google Chrome Allow List

Below are the steps for adding a trusted website to Google Chrome.

1. Open your Google Chrome browser > Click on the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner > Click on Settings

Google Chrome browser selecting Settings

2. Click on “Privacy and security” > Click “Site settings

Google Chrome selecting security settings in privacy and security

3. Scroll down then click on “Insecure content” then under Allow click the “Add” button

Google chrome selecting add for insecure content

4. Type the website address that you want to add to the allow list then click “Add

Adding a website to Google Chrome allow list

5. The site will now be in your exceptions list

That is the end of our guide on how you add a website to Google chromes allow list. You will no longer get any prompt messages or warnings letting you know the website is unsafe, and it will now be a trusted site.

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