How To Fix Weather Forecast On Windows Taskbar Wont Show Full Text

Taskbar Weather Forecast Missing Text

If you like having the weather forecast on your desktop but you have noticed that for some reason it will not display the full text and only display the icon, then don’t panic because in this post we will be taking a look at how you can hopefully resolve the problem.

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How To Fix Full Text Not Working On News & Interests:

1. Check for Windows 10 Updates: Right click start menu > Settings > Update & Security > Click the “Check for updates” button

2. Right-click the Taskbar > News & Interests > Click “Show icon and text

3. Close everything down then try changing the above option

4. Hide “People” on the Taskbar: Right-click the Taskbar > Untick “Show people on the taskbar

Hopefully, the above has helped fix the text not showing for the weather forecast on your Taskbar. if you are still having the same issue then you might have to reset Windows 10 or do a system restore.

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