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Roblox Scroll Wheel Glitch and Camera Not Working On PC

In this guide, we will be taking a look at the scrolling glitch and the zoom in or out not working in Roblox. The camera is an essential part of the game as it allows you to control the view of your character. But when its not working correctly it can cause all sorts of issues!

So if you are playing Roblox and all of a sudden notice that you are unable to zoom in or out within the game don’t worry just yet. There are a few things that you can do within the Roblox game that will hopefully resolve the game not zooming in or zooming out using the wheel on your mouse.

Also. you might have noticed that not only does the scroll wheel not work but the Roblox in-game camera is going up and down, making the game kind of unplayable.

The Methods Below Didn’t Fix the Issue?

If unfortunately, the methods below don’t resolve the issues you are having with the camera in Roblox then the next step would be to reinstall the game. This is because it could be an issue with one of the game’s files.

We have a guide here on uninstalling Roblox. You can then check out our other guides on how you can install Roblox through either the web browser or the Microsoft Store.

How To Fix Roblox PC Camera Issues:

Below we have listed a few different things which you can do that will hopefully resolve the Roblox mouse issues you are facing and sort that frustrating camera glitch in the Roblox Player.

1. Ensure you do have the Roblox window focused

First, make sure you have selected the Roblox Window on your PC. If you do not have it active then you will not be able to use your mouse within the game:

  • You can use Alt+Tab to switch to the Roblox window
  • Or you can Fullscreen the Roblox window

2. Change In-game Camera Settings

The next steps will need you to enter the settings in-game. So press Esc on your keyboard to enter the menu or click the Roblox icon in the top left-hand corner

Now select the Settings tab and do the following:

Change Camera Mode:

  • Change to Default (Classic)

Try Different Camera Settings:

  • Test other Camera Modes like Classic, Follow or CameraToggle (If the Default (classic) camera did not resolve the issue

Change Camera Sensitivity

  • Ensure this is set to value 1 (Press + or – to change values)

Camera Inverted:

  • Ensure this option is turned Off

3. Try A Different Mouse

It could be the mouse you are using is causing the issue so try using a different mouse. Or if you are using a laptop touchpad try plugging a wired mouse into the laptop.

We hope the above methods have helped resolve the camera not working in Roblox on PC. If it didn’t then you could always check out our guide on resolving issues with the Roblox mouse & keyboard freezing, as one of those methods could help.

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Check out the video tutorial here on how to FIX Roblox Camera Not Zooming In & Out On PC, if you are getting stuck.

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