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Quick Shut Down Shortcut On Your Taskbar In Windows 10

In this post, we will be showing you how you can put a cool shortcut onto your desktop which will allow you to quickly shut down your Windows 10 computer.

This is great if you get annoyed when it comes to expanding the start menu to then have to click onto the shut down option.

Just remember although it’s great to have a shortcut that allows you to shut down your computer fast on your taskbar, it can also be bad if you accidentally click onto the shut down shortcut as you won’t get a notification asking if you want to shut down your PC or laptop.

There is an even faster way of shutting down your computer with a keyboard shortcut. Check out this post here.

How To Add The Shut down Shortcut To Your Taskbar:

1. Right-click on your desktop then click “New” > “Shortcut

2. In the location box type the following: shutdown /s

3. Now give the shortcut a name (By default it is “Shutdown”)

4. Now right-click the shortcut > Click “Pin to taskbar

5. Right-click the shortcut on your desktop and delete it as it’s no longer needed

****Top Tip****
You can also change the icon of the shutdown shortcut by right-clicking on the shortcut before you pin it to your taskbar then click properties > Now click the “Shortcut” tab then “change icon” button and choose a new icon

There you have it that is how you can pin a shutdown shortcut to your Windows 10 taskbar. If you would like to remove the shutdown shortcut then just right-click on it then click “Unpin from taskbar“. You can always add a restart, or sign out shortcut to your Taskbar instead.

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