How To FIX ROBLOX Not Launching Error On PC

FIX ROBLOX Won’t Start Error In Windows 10!

Roblox is an extremely fun game that can run on even the lowest spec system.

There are now two ways of playing Roblox; you can either play Roblox games using the web browser version or you can play Roblox by downloading the player on the Microsoft Store.

If your Roblox won’t launch on your computer or laptop and you don’t believe that is an issue with the Roblox Servers, then don`t panic because there are a couple of things you can do which will hopefully resolve the launching issues you are currently having with Roblox.

The methods below are for the Web Browser version but some methods will also work for the app version.

How To Fix Roblox Not Launching Or Starting Problems:

1. Try running Roblox as an administrator (Right-click the Roblox shortcut > Properties > Compatibility > Then tick “Run this program as an administrator”)

2. Delete the Roblox AppData folder (Open File Explorer and go to the following directory “C:\users\yourusername\appdata\local\” > Find the Roblox folder and either; rename it if you want to keep it as a backup or delete the folder)

3. Make sure proxy for your LAN is not enabled (Open the Start Menu and search and open “Internet Options” > Click the Connections tab > Click the “LAN Settings” button > Under Proxy settings make sure “Sse a proxy server for your LAN” is not ticked)

4. Flush the DNS (Open the Start Menu and search and open “CMD” also known as Command Prompt > Type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press enter)

Hopefully, one of the above methods has resolved the problem you were getting with Roblox not being able to launch. If you are still unable to launch Roblox and you keep getting an error then unfortunately the only other thing you could try is to reinstall Roblox. (Check out this post on How To Uninstall Roblox)

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