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How To Add A Certificate In Microsoft Edge

Import Your Own Certificates In Edge Browser

Adding a certificate in Microsoft Edge is fairly straightforward and can be done within the web browser settings. You will be able to simply import all different file types of certificates from your PC or laptop, using the Certificate Import Wizard. Just make sure that you trust the certificate that you are adding.

What Error Message Can Certificates Resolve?

Adding a certificate to Microsoft Edge can help fix error messages such as:

  • “There is a problem connecting securely to this website”
  • “Can’t connect securely to this page”
  • “Your connection is not secure”

These messages can be very frustrating so hopefully, by importing your certificate to Edge you can avoid these errors.

Edge Not Detecting Certificate?

If you are having issues after adding a certificate as it’s not being detected, then ensure the certificate has been added within the “Manage certificates window”. You can click on the tab of the group that you added your certificate to, so make sure you check it is there (for example Personal, Trusted Root Certification, etc).

Microsoft Edge Certificates window showing options for certificates.

If it has been added then this is good, so the next thing to check is that your security software is not blocking Edge in any way, as this can cause issues.

If you are still having problems then you could try resetting Edge back to its default values, and then try importing it again.

Microsoft Edge How To Add Certificates:

Before you follow the steps below, did you know that you can also add trusted sites to Edge? So if you are getting error messages like the ones we mentioned above when you are visiting perhaps your own website, or it is being partially or fully blocked, then you can add it to the Edge trusted sites list.

1. First you need to open Microsoft Edge > Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner > Go to Settings

Edge 3dots context menu.

2. Now click on Privacy, search and services on the left-hand side menu

3. Scroll down until you find Security then click on Manage certificates

Microsoft Edge Privacy, Search and Services settings showing Security.

4. You now need to click on Import > Then follow the onscreen steps to find your certificate file and import it into Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge certificate import wizard.

But that’s how easy it is and that is how you can import your own Certificates into Microsoft Edge. If you have done this before for Internet Explorer then you will know that it’s a pretty similar process. However, Internet Explorer is losing its support very soon and Edge will be taking its place.

If you change your mind or would like to remove a certificate in Edge then check out this post here. We also have plenty of other Windows guides here.

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