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Windows 10 Laptop Not Detecting Second Display

If you have just connected a display to your laptop but are unfortunately getting no response from your monitor or TV saying “no video output” or “no signal”, then there are a few things you can try first before coming to the decision that your monitor is broken.

If the monitor has been knocked, dropped, or if it has any visible cracks, splits or damage then it might just unfortunately be that the display is broken and needs replacing, but it’s still worth trying the methods below first.

Windows 10 Laptop How To Fix No Display On Extended Monitor:

1. Check the monitor is on the correct video source using the monitors built in buttons

2. Check the cables are plugged in correctly into the monitor and laptop

3. If you are using a dock ensure all the cables are plugged in correctly and the power light is lit

4. Pull out the power cable and plug it in again – This will hopefully make the monitor redetect your laptop

5. Try changing the video cables and power cable

6. Try a different video output port on your laptop if avaliable

7. Try different video input port on the monitor if avaliable

8. Make sure Projection mode is enabled:

  • Click the notification bubble in the system tray > Click “Expand
  • Click on Project > Make sure Projection mode is enabled and on Extend

9. Check you have the latest graphics card drivers installed – This can work miracles when it comes to graphics problems within Windows 10:

10. Check you have the latest Windows 10 Updates installed – There might be a patch in the latest version that resolves an issue with displaying a second display:

  • Right-click start menu > Settings > Update and Security > Click “Check for updates” button

11. Check if there are any firmware or bios updates avaliable for your Laptop

If you are still unable to get the second display to work with your laptop then you might need to reinstall or reset Windows 10.

But before you make a big decision like that if you have another PC/Laptop you could try connecting the monitor and see if it works with that device, if it doesn’t then you know it’s most probably a fault with the display.

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