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Fix Text and Fonts Appearing Strange In Windows 10

In this post, we will be taking a look at resolving display issues in Windows 10 on your PC or laptop.

You may have noticed that all of a sudden the programs you currently have open are doing the following:

  • Text is going a different format
  • Text keeps disappearing in programs
  • Text flickering
  • Text has gone blurry all of a sudden

Don’t panic as this is normally just a little hiccup in Windows 10 and a simple restart usually resolves the problem. Below we have listed a few things you can do which should resolve the text gone strange in Windows 10.

How To Fix Text in Windows 10 Gone Strange:

1. Restart Graphics Card:

  • Hold down Windows key+Ctrl+Shit+B > Your screen will flicker black then the text should be fixed as we have just restarted your graphics card driver

2. Restart Windows 10 – Sounds simple but this usually resolves all problems when it comes to Windows 10 messing up

3. Reinstall latest Graphics Card Drivers – If the text still isn’t displaying correctly then reinstalling the latest graphics card driver should fix this issue:

4. Unplug monitor cables then plug them in again

5. Reset monitor back to factory default settings

There you have it those methods should resolve all graphical text issues you are facing in Windows 10.

If the above methods didn’t work then you might need to reset Windows 10, or worst-case scenario your monitor might be faulty. But you could test it on another device if you have one available to make sure it’s working correctly.

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