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Hogwarts Legacy the game I have been waiting for a long time now is finally here and boy it is this a fun open-world RPG, with many things to do! Although the game has not been out too long unlike other games such as Fortnite, Warzone, and Roblox the crashing within Hogwarts legacy has not been too bad.

But one issue that has occurred is players getting a blue and green graphics problem within Hogwarts Legacy, luckily this is an easy fix and can be done within a few seconds as I show below.

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How to fix Hogwarts legacy graphics display blue or green

Below are the steps for fixing Hogwarts legacy displaying annoying blue and green graphics within the game.

1. First, you need to open Settings

2. Now open the Accessibility Options tab

3. Go to the bottom of the Accessibility Options

4. Now toggle High Contrast Text setting to Off

5. Also toggle High Contrast Gameplay Text to Off

It really is that easy to fix Hogwarts legacy green and blue graphics when trying to play the game. I hope you liked this quick easy troubleshooting guide if you did check out our other gaming guides.

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