Getting Low FPS In Roblox On PC & Laptop

How To Get Better FPS In Roblox On PC

If you are trying to play Roblox on your Windows 10 PC or Laptop but you are getting; Really low FPS, choppy graphics, stuttering, or perhaps the game’s graphics just feels like its lagging behind, then don’t panic because in this post we will be taking a look at how you can increase and boost your FPS in Roblox making your game run a lot smoother.

Low FPS in Roblox really can make the game unenjoyable so hopefully one of the methods below will improve the FPS for you.

However, for the methods below to actually help make an improvement the first thing is to ensure your system does meet the system requirements for Roblox. If you do not meet the system requirements then the methods below won’t make too much of an improvement.

How To FIX Low FPS In Roblox And Boost Roblox FPS On An Old Computer

1. Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers installed for your graphics card – This is very important as it will help improve the FPS in Roblox (Helpful links below)

2. Change the Windows 10 power plan to high performance:

  • Right-click the Windows start menu icon > Settings > System
  • Click on Power & Sleep on the left-hand side and click Additional power settings
  • Select High performance
  • If you are missing the high-performance power plan option then check out this post here

3. Make sure gaming mode is enabled in Windows 10:

  • Right-click on the Windows 10 start menu icon > Settings > Select Gaming on the left-hand side
  • Toggle Game Mode to ON (If it’s already on try turning it off as sometimes having it on or off can have different effects in games)

4. Change your Graphics settings to high performance:

  • Right-click the Windows start menu icon > Settings > System
  • Click on Display on the left-hand side > Click on Graphics Settings
  • If you are using the Web Browser version of Roblox keep the drop-down on Desktop app and browse for the Roblox.exe
  • If you are using the Store version of Roblox change the drop-down to Microsoft Store app then select the next drop-down to Roblox and click Add
  • Now click the Options button and change the graphics preference to High performance and click Save

5. Disable the Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar – This can also reduce FPS affecting your Roblox gameplay:

  • Right-click the Windows start menu icon > Settings > Select Gaming
  • Click on Xbox Game Bar on the left > Toggle Xbox Game Bar to OFF

6. Change the priority of Roblox to high in Task Manager – This will give Roblox extra priority in Windows:

  • Right-click the Taskbar > Task Manager > Click on the Details Tab
  • Find Roblox in the list and right-click it > Hover over Set Priority then change it to High

7. Defrag your drive – This will help optimize Roblox files which will help improve the FPS:

  • Open the Windows 10 start menu and search and open Defragment and Optimise Drives
  • Now select your main drive (If you have other drives you will have to do each drive separately)
  • Click Optimize

8. Change the graphics settings in-game – Firstly you want to change the graphics to the lowest setting then jump into a game and see how it feels. If you are happy you can then slowly increase the graphics until it starts to feel a little worse then change it back to the previous setting:

  • Launch Roblox > Launch the game you want to play
  • Press ESC or the Roblox icon in the top left-hand corner
  • Click on Settings
  • Change Graphics Mode to Manual
  • Press the – (minus) and + (plus) on the Graphics Quality to adjust to your chosen setting

9. Lower your Windows resolution – If you have the resolution too high then you are making your graphics card work extra hard and if your GPU is unable to handle the higher resolution you will end up getting really low FPS in Roblox

  • Right-click on your Desktop > Display Settings
  • Change Display resolution to a lower resolution

You should now be able to play Roblox with a much higher FPS than you did before, but just keep in mind that Roblox has a Max FPS of 60 so you will not be able to go higher than this.

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