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FIX: Fortnite Warning Known Issues With Graphics Driver On PC (2022)

Do you want to know how to fix the Fortnite graphics driver warning on PC? Well, this guide shows you how to do just that. Below we will show you how you can fix the Warning Known Issues With Graphics Driver error when launching Fortnite on your Windows PC or laptop.

This guide is aimed at Nvidia graphics cards but will still apply to AMD and Intel GPUs, as you will need to update the drivers to fix this issue.

If you are getting a warning message when trying to launch Fortnite saying “Warning: Known Issues With Graphics Driver. The installed version of the NVIDIA graphics driver has known issues. Please update to the latest driver version” then don’t panic because as the warning suggests you don’t have the latest NVIDIA graphics card driver installed, or at least Fortnite believes you don’t.

Do I Have To Update My GPU Driver To Play Fortnite?

You can still play Fortnite on your PC even if you have this warning. However, if you don’t update your driver you may experience issues with the game such as it not launching or graphical issues and graphics errors.

So you will potentially help avoid any of these issues, not to mention you will also stop this annoying warning message from popping up.

Still Getting The Graphics Driver Warning After Updating Your Driver?

If you unfortunately get the same warning after updating your NVIDIA driver, then try restarting your PC and then launching Fortnite again and see if that helps.

If this does not get rid of the warning message then you could always try doing a clean install of the driver. If you have an Nvidia Graphics card then when installing the driver you can select Custom and click on “Perform a clean installation” (see screenshot below).

Alternatively, you could use a program called DDU, and then do a fresh install of the latest available graphics driver.

How To Fix Fortnite Known Issues With Graphics Driver Error:

Now you know how important it is to update your graphics driver you can view how to fix the Known issues warning in the steps below:

1. Right-click on the Windows start menu and then click “Device manager” > Now expand the “Display adapters” > You will now see your graphics card which you will need to know for the next step

2. Go to the NVIDIA website here and search for your graphics card

3. Once you have found your graphics card Download the latest driver

Check out these posts if you have an Intel or AMD graphics card:

3. Now run the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions

4. When you get to Installation options you can choose from either Express or Custom:

  • Express – Recommended as it keeps your Nvidia settings and upgrades any existing drivers
  • Custom – Lets you choose which components to install so this is what you would need to select to do a clean install

5. Once the driver has finished installing go ahead and launch Fortnite and the error will be gone

That is how easy it is to get rid of the Fortnite Graphics Issue warning on your Windows PC or laptop. As we mentioned before, this is aimed at Nvidia users but this method will still apply to AMD and Intel graphics cards, which you will find helpful links for above.

Hopefully, you are now playing Fortnite Battle Royale without a message popping up and you may have even seen an increase in performance after updating your driver. If not, there are a few ways to boost fps in Fortnite. Check out our other gaming guides here.

Check out this video tutorial here on Fix Fortnite Warning Known Issues With Graphics Driver On PC if you are getting stuck.

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